Terms of Service

Document updated: 22 Nov 2022 at 10:24pm MST


WZCHost.com provides our services to you in accordance with these terms of service.
These terms may be updated and changed from time to time with or without your notice.
These terms apply across all WZCHost.com services, use of our services implies your agreement to abide by them.


WZCHost.com provides users with a selection of tools to manage web hosting services ranging from discussion forums to web hosting itself. Some of these services may include advertisements to fund the access to these tools.
Acceptance of these terms implies your understanding of these conditions across all WZCHost.com tools.
You understand that there may be communication from WZCHost.com to you and that these communications are considered part of WZCHost.com membership and as such you may not have the option to opt out of these communications.
You understand that WZCHost.com provides these tools and services "AS-IS" with no warranty or implied warranties. You understand that WZCHost.com does not assume responsibility for lost, mis-delivered, deleted, failure to store, or timeliness of communication from WZCHost.com to you.
You are responsible for obtaining access to WZCHost.com services and tools, this access may require third party fees from third parties to be paid by you and that portions of this requirement may be for advertisement purposes. You are responsible for all third party fees required to access WZCHost.com services and tools.


When registering an account with WZCHost.com you agree to provide true and accurate information. Any and all information entered into WZCHost.com registration systems must be true to the best of your knowledge.
Upon registration to WZCHost.com you are stating that you are of legal age to form a binding contract and not a person barred from receiving services under the laws of the United States or other applicable jurisdictions.


All information entered by you onto WZCHost.com is subject to our privacy policy.
By accepting these terms you are also accepting WZCHost.com privacy policy and to the collection of your information as set forth in WZCHost.com privacy policy. You understand that your information will be transferred to data centers managed in the United States and or other countries for use, storage, and processing by WZCHost.com and any affiliates.


Upon completion of registration and obtaining membership to WZCHost.com you understand that we take your security seriously, as such you are expected to not share your information with others and insure you are the sole operator for your individual account (unless sub-accounts are a functionality of the specific service).
You agree that you will treat other members with dignity and respect, you will not harass, stalk, pursue, threaten, or otherwise act with ill intent. The definition of these matters are at the sole discretion of WZCHost.com and WZCHost.com's interpretation of any and all incidents.


Sites may not contain any copyright materials that you do not hold the copyright for, sites such as warez, pirating, or any other form of illegal distribution are not allowed.
You may not link, frame or otherwise display or allow access to these materials from your site hosted on WZCHost.com.


Your sites may not use excessive server resources to include but not limited to, bandwidth, diskspace, or processor utilization.
All scripts on your sites must be built with the intent to produce web content, your site must not be used for applications such as an application server. You must not attempt knowingly or unknowingly to circumvent any limitations imposed upon you. Scripts should not be designed to manipulate timeouts on servers. Any scripts designed to provide anonymous or proxy services are not allowed. The sole purpose of all scripts is required to be the production of websites.
WZCHost.com provides disk and bandwidth allotments for all hosting accounts; these allotments are for the sole intent of developing and displaying web pages. You are not allowed to store any files not directly related to website content, this includes files such as .zip and .rar file types. The transfer of these files into the same category and storage, the sole intent to transfer files should only be done to display your website. You may not transfer files for the intent to download content.
Streaming of multimedia files is considered acceptable use. Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth are intended to be quotaless, however limitations are in place to assure the integrity of WZCHost.com servers. If your account impedes or otherwise restricts other accounts on the server due to your usage, you may be suspended without notice.
WZCHost.com reserves the right to restrict INODE usage on hosting accounts. These restrictions may be listed within your hosting accounts control panel, if they are not, you may request the information by creating a support ticket.


WZCHost.com reserves the right to suspend or terminate your hosting services at any time for any reason with or without notice to you.
Typical reasons a hosting account may be suspended or terminated are due to Terms of Service violations, illegal content, copyright violations, or excessive server resource usage.
If at any time your service is suspended or terminated you reserve the right to request the reason why such actions were taken, this can be requested through the WZCHost.com support ticket system or contact form.


WZCHost.com does not claim ownership of any content submitted to WZCHost.com services.
With respect to your content submitted or made available on WZCHost.com in public areas you grant WZCHost.com worldwide, royalty-free and non-exclusive license(s) to use for promoting WZCHost.com services through our websites. This license will exist for as long as your content is stored on WZCHost.com servers, upon removal from WZCHost.com servers the license will terminate.


Any suggestions, ideas, documents, or proposals submitted to WZCHost.com through any of our services or websites becomes the sole property of WZCHost.com.
You understand that WZCHost.com is entitled to use these submissions as needed by WZCHost.com.


You agree to indemnify WZCHost.com and all related affiliates harmless from any claims or demands including attorneys' fees made by any parties arising from any content you made or make available WZCHost.com services as well as your connection to WZCHost.com services.


You are not allowed to resale any service provided to you by WZCHost.com other than those that are a part of our reseller options or programs.


You agree that at any time WZCHost.com reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or otherwise delete your account and associated hosting packages or domains at any time with or without prior notice to you. You also agree that WZCHost.com has the right to change the limitations imposed upon you through any of our services.


Refunds are issued at the discretion of WZCHost.com. WZCHost.com reserves the right to issue or deny the issue of a refund for any reason at any time. You agree that all payments made to WZCHost.com are nonrefundable.


Your dealings with advertisers and advertising companies are between you and the advertising entities, WZCHost.com does not offer support, warranty, or any other coverage. Your dealings with advertisers are solely between you and the advertiser. You agree that WZCHost.com is not responsible for any loss or damages as well as any costs incurred from dealing with advertisers.


While utilizing WZCHost.com free hosting services you understand that at any time with or without your knowledge your accounts package limitations may change at any time for any reason. The provided free domains and subdomains may be revoked at any time. Along with the stated usage limits free hosting is also limited to the types of content that can be hosted. Free hosting does not allow any pornography or items that can be deemed inappropriate (the definition of which is at the sole descreation of WZCHost.com). You are not allowed to stream audio or video files from your free hosting account. You are only allowed to create one free hosting account per individual, the creation of more than one may result in all of your free accounts being terminated. If your free hosting account is terminated for any reason you understand that creating another free hosting account is not allowed and will result in the new free hosting account being terminated.


Any free domain offered and claimed by you from WZCHost.com within any hosting package or other potential promotions are the property of WZCHost.com. You agree not to transfer these domains from WZCHost.com without the approval of WZCHost.com.


We use PublicDomainRegistry.com, you must understand and agree to their terms of service in order to process any domain registration with WZCHost.com.


WZCHost.com reseller packages allow you to authorize the creation of cPanel accounts on our servers. You are allowed to create as many sub-accounts within your reseller package that your plan allows. You are soley responsible for the content of your sub-accounts as well as the individuals using this service under your account. You are required to manage your sub-accounts and ensure they do not violate WZCHost.com terms of service. Failure to properly remove offending content may result in your reseller account being suspended or terminated. Reseller accounts are intended to be used to sell web hosting packages to others, however you are allowed to create as many sub-accounts as your package allows under the terms of your package for any reason within WZCHost.com terms of service. For support issues the reseller owner must be the one to contact WZCHost.com, we will not answer support issues for your sub-account owners as it is impossible for us to verify them.
WZCHost.com reserves the right to suspend and or terminate any of your sub-accounts at any time for any reason.


You understand that using WZCHost.com services and tools are at your own risk, we hold no responsibility for any negative or positive actions made towards you or your hosting accounts. You agree that you understand that all services provided by WZCHost.com are provided "AS-IS" with no implied warranty.
A small but important portion of users may experience eplieptic seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or static displays on computer screens while using WZCHost.com services. For some users these may be induced in individuals with previously undetected epileptic symptoms, if you or anyone you know have an epileptic condition, consult a physician prior to your use of WZCHost.com services. Immediately discontinue use of this service and consult a physician if you notice any of the following symptoms while using this service: dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitches, loss of awareness, Disorientation, any involuntary movement, or convulsions.


You agree that WZCHost.com and its affiliates are not and will not be considered liable for any damages, loss of profits, loss of data, data corruption, service availability, or any other circumstances that results in a negative impact on you even if WZCHost.com has been advised of the possibility of such events.


You agree that there will be no third-party beneficiaries to this agreement.


You understand that WZCHost.com may update any policy with or without your notice.


WZCHost.com respects the property of others. If you notice for any reason copyright or intellectual property infringement on any of WZCHost.com services you may report them to our email at will@wzchost.net with the subject line of "Copyright or Intellectual Property Infringement", please list the exact address you found the infringement and a description of what is being unrightfully used.
WZCHost.com takes all claims as seriously as possible and will act immediately.


These terms of service constitute the entire agreement between you and WZCHost.com and govern your use of WZCHost.com services; this document supersedes any former document.
You may be subject to any additional terms and conditions through use of other services or software.